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Snow Removal
Snow Routes
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In December of 2010, the City Council approved an amendment to the existing Snow Removal Ordinance (15.03.08) that makes special provisions for a Snow Route designation.  Under this amendment, people living on a Snow Route must remove their vehicles from the street to allow for curb to curb cleaning by the Public Works Department.  Failure to remove vehicles will result in a ticket and immediate tow of the vehicle by the Police Department.  The ordinance takes effect whenever the National Weather Service forecasts for 4" or more of snow within 24 hours. 

Snow Route Map

The following are designated Snow Route Streets:

C. DOUGLAS STREET from the intersection with THIRD STREET to the
intersection with NELLIE STREET.
D. NELLIE STREET from the intersection with DOUGLAS STREET to the
intersection with LAZELLE STREET.
E. MAIN STREET from the intersection with MIDDLE STREET to the
Intersection with FOURTH STREET.
F. FIRST STREET from the intersection with SHERMAN STREET to the
intersection with LAZELLE STREET.
G. SECOND STREET from the intersection with SHERMAN STREET to the
intersection with Lazelle Street.
H. THIRD STREET from the intersection of LAZELLE to the intersection of SHEPHARD.
I. FOURTH STREET from the intersection with SHERMAN STREET to the
intersection with LAZELLE STREET.
J. SUNSET entire length.
K. PARK entire length.


Snow Removal Overview
Main Street November 2008
Main Street Sturgis after November 2008 Storm
The success of our snow removal program depends on your assistance.
Here are a few tips:
  • When snow is expected, park your vehicles off the street if possible.
  • Remove snow from your sidewalk within 24 hours.
  • Do not shovel snow from your driveway and sidewalk into the street. Place it on your lawn or near trees and shrubs to help with winter watering.
  • If you shovel before we plow the street, your driveway or sidewalk may get plowed in. In most cases it is unavoidable.  See the information below regarding where to best pile the snow from your driveway to avoid getting plowed in.
  • Please be patient; we have 70 miles of streets to clear. Moving heavy wet snow takes considerably more time than fluffy snow.
  • Snow is removed from life safety and emergency routes first. The second priority is the major arterial streets (Lazelle, Harmon, Ballpark, Sherman, Douglas, Nellie, and the Whitewood Service Road).   
  • Followed by major-minor collector streets and school routes (Shepherd, Park, Anna, Dickson, Pine View, Otter, Raccoon, Moose, Sunset, and Colorado, Third, Cedar, Fulton, Dolan Creek, Williams, and Ninth). Remaining residential streets are cleared as soon as possible.

 View the 2014 Snow and Ice Removal Plan

Snow Removal Exhibit 1_thumb.jpg

The best location to stack snow from your driveway.

The snow removal effort is often hindered by vehicles parked on the street. If possible, please move your vehicles off the street whenever there is a storm prediction.

When we begin the snow removal process, the first thing we will do is get the streets open to traffic. After that is finished, the blades will come back and clean out the areas from curb to curb and clean up the wind rows, etc. Two blades will then be dispatched to the main collector's routes. At the same time, one blade and one plow will be dispatched to the residential sections of the City to start the removal of snow.

It is the goal of the Sturgis Public Works Department to provide the safest driving surfaces possible, using the resources that we have available. In the event of a major winter storm private contractors may be hired by the City to assist with snow removal. Private contractors are required to meet minimum specifications and are selected through a pre-screening application process. Contractors working specifically for the City will have their equipment clearly marked for identification purposes.

If you have an emergency situation and are not able to get through on your street, call 911. If you would like to get updated information on the snow removal progress, call the Public Works Department at 347-3916.

When streets become hazardous for drivers due to ice, Public Works will sand or use mag water in the collectors routes, at the traffic light intersections, and railroad crossings in the City limits.

Collector Routes
  • Lazelle St. to the City Park - SDDOT maintains from the S curves on Lazelle St. past the high school on Hwy. 34 (SDDOT Ph: (605) 394-2244)
  • Junction Ave.
  • All schools within the City
  • Dolan Creek Rd.
  • Streets that have steep hills, such as:
    • 4th St. by the Law Enforcement Center
    • Paisley Terr.
    • Moose Dr.
    • 7th St. and 9th St.
    • Nellie
    • Park St. by the railroad crossing
    • Hillside Terr.
    • Vernon Hts. II
    • Ball Park Rd.
    • Douglas to Nellie
    • S. 3rd Ave

  • Loader moving snow
    Heavy wet snow can not be bladed, loaders are required.

    Map of Collector Routes

    If you need assistance with shoveling snow visit the Snow Shoveling Resource List for names of people who are available for hire.

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