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July 2017 Newsletter July 2017 Newsletter
EMS Mass-Casualty Training, Parks & Rec Project Update, Animal Shelter.
June 2017 Newsletter June 2017 Newsletter
Fireworks, NEA Big Read Grant, VFD, Stone Shelter, Music on Main
May 2017 Newsletter May 2017 Newsletter
Wastewater Project, CitizenServe, Music on Main
April 2017 Newsletter April 2017 Newsletter
Parks & Cemetery, Honor Society volunteers, Rushmore Office Donations
March 2017 Newsletter March 2017 Newsletter
February 2017 Newsletter February 2017 Newsletter
January 2017 Newsletter January 2017 Newsletter
The Big Read, Scott Peterson Motors Award, SHOT Show, Water Testing
December 2016 Newsletter December 2016 Newsletter
Main Street Project Update, Broken Bean, Animal Shelter, PAL, Employee Recognition, Sturgis Area Arts Council
November 2016 Newsletter November 2016 Newsletter
Kiwanis Food Drive, Winter Frostival Schedule, Downtown Sturgis Foundation, Gene Stock, Old Stone Shelter, Shopping Comparison, Holiday Schedules
October 2016 Newsletter October 2016 Newsletter
2017 Budget, Firefighter Award, Employee Awards
September 2016 Newsletter September 2016 Newsletter
Daycare Providers, Fall Cleanup, Utility Bill Q&A
August 2016 Newsletter August 2016 Newsletter
New Business, Military Day, Liz Wunderlicht
July 2016 Newsletter July 2016 Newsletter
Rally Information, Parking, Street Closures
June 2016 Newsletter June 2016 Newsletter
Capital Improvement Plan, martin Resignation, Anna Street Project
May 2016 Newsletter May 2016 Newsletter
Discovery Kids University, Sturgis U-Haul, Annexation, Supermoto, Vanocker Campground
April 2016 Newsletter April 2016 Newsletter
Election Results, Sr. Living ComplexXtreme Bicycle Shop, Smoke Testing, Reminders.
March 2016 Newsletter March 2016 Newsletter
February 2016 Newsletter February 2016 Newsletter
Marcotte, Dams, Watershed, Election Info.
January 2016 Newsletter January 2016 Newsletter
New Rally Director, Food Drive, Public Works Reminder, Steve Keszler Temporary Councilman Ward 4
December 2015 Newsletter December 2015 Newsletter
2016 Elecation, Regional Health, Starline Park
November 2015 Newsletter November 2015 Newsletter
Main Street Project, Frostival, Winter Driving, Parking
October 2015 Newsletter October 2015 Newsletter
KOHA Library System, Rally Donations, Parking, Tree Trimming, Rally Director, Stormwater, Project Updates
September 2015 Newsletter September 2015 Newsletter
Black Hills Federal Credit, Maverik, Sierra Vista, Old Presideo, AutoMax, BH Laundry, Sturgis Guns
August 2015 Newsletter August 2015 Newsletter
Events, Community Picnic, IRS Scam, CPR Classes, Rally Statistics
July 2015 Newsletter July 2015 Newsletter
Harley-Davidson Rally Point, Rally Traffic Plan
June 2015 Newsletter June 2015 Newsletter
Daycare, Scott Peterson Motors, Capital Improvement Plan, Starline Park
May 2015 Newsletter May 2015 Newsletter
Sewer Rehabilitation, History Day, Lego Guy, Housing Project Updates, 2015 Camaro Rally, Use of Sump Pumps
April 2015 Newsletter April 2015 Newsletter
Sioux Steel Expansion, New Council Members
March 2015 Newsletter March 2015 Newsletter
CTE Machinist Program, J&P Cycles, City Park Events
February 2015 Newsletter February 2015 Newsletter
Annexation of High School, Airport and City Lagoons; Downtown Improvement Goals, State Camping Regulations
January 2015 Newsletter January 2015 Newsletter
Harley-Davidson Announcement, Election Information, Pine Beetle Update, LED Signs
December 2014 Newsletter December 2014 Newsletter
Employee Awards, Building Permits, New Business, CTE Program, Survey
November 2014 Newsletter November 2014 Newsletter
Rally Charities Funding, Ambulance Award, 2014 Rally Summary, Holiday Happenings
October 2014 Newsletter October 2014 Newsletter
2015 Mill Levy, City Employees, Main Street Project
September 2014 Newsletter September 2014 Newsletter
Financial Update, United Way Day of Caring, City Wide Clean Up
August 2014 Newsletter August 2014 Newsletter
Supermoto, Belle Joli, Winery, Facade Improvement Program, Baron Properties, Landsport, TIF, Oktoberfest, United Way
July 2014 Newsletter July 2014 Newsletter
Rally, DOT, Lazelle, Danny Hayes, Boz Brothers, Community Center New Equipment
June 2014 Newsletter June 2014 Newsletter
Fireworks, Elvira Bender, OMA, Sturgis Buffalo Run, Instant Garages, BAM
May 2014 Newsletter May 2014 Newsletter
Campbell's Supply, Dave Smith, Valerie Martin, Code Compliance, Parking Reminder
April 2014 Newsletter April 2014 Newsletter
Indian Sturgis, Traffic Violations, Dogs at Large, Volksmarch, EMS Week, Spring Cleanup, Green Thumb Gala
March 2014 Newsletter March 2014 Newsletter
Scott Peterson Motors, Property Taxes, Building Permits
February 2014 Newsletter February 2014 Newsletter
SEDC, FEMA Update, Supermoto
January 2014 Newsletter January 2014 Newsletter
Easyriders Dinner Theater, Trash, Toddlarama, Corbon, Robkingtree
December 2013 Newsletter December 2013 Newsletter
Vasknetz Employee of the Year, Community Center, 2013 Survey, New Home Construction, Sales Tax Update
November 2013 Newsletter November 2013 Newsletter
Rally Charities, Snow Routes, KBHB, Legends, 2013 Rally Summary
October 2013 Newsletter October 2013 Newsletter
Storm Recovery
September 2013 Newsletter September 2013 Newsletter
Supermoto, United Way, City Wide Clean Up, Rally & Events Department
August 2013 Newsletter August 2013 Newsletter
Mustang Rally, 2013 Rally, Indian, Recycling
July 2013 Newsletter July 2013 Newsletter
Rally, Indian Chief, Sturgis Motorcycle Museum, Second Street Plaza, Bear Butte Crossing, Multi-Use Facility
June 2013 Newsletter June 2013 Newsletter
Library Grant, Lazelle Construction Update, Chamber Hires Kruse, Sidewalks, Fireworks, Parks & Forestry, Parking Reminder
May 2013 Newsletter May 2013 Newsletter
125th Anniversary, Davenport Ranch Annexation, Grass & Weed Control, Library Board, EOC Training, Sewer Line Testing
April 2013 Newsletter April 2013 Newsletter
Community Award, SEDC, Sidewalk Program, Dog Ordinance, Recreation Trail Connector Grant, Spring Clean Up, EMS Week, Planning & Zoning Commission
March 2013 Newsletter March 2013 Newsletter
Aspen Grove, USA Pro Supermoto Race, National Library Week, Election, Municipal Utility Board, Community Center
February 2013 Newsletter February 2013 Newsletter
City Election, New Businesses, Lazelle Construction, Park Shelters, Downtown Plaza
January 2013 Newsletter January 2013 Newsletter
Legends, Sponsorship Agency, Elections, Marcotte, BID District, 2013 Community Garden, Bev Johnson Retirement, Mountain Pine Beetle
December 2012 Newsletter December 2012 Newsletter
Business Improvement District, 2013 Council Goals, Vendor Fees, 2012 Outstanding Employees
November 2012 Newsletter November 2012 Newsletter
New Businesses, Business License Renewals, DOT Traveler Alert, Ambulance Award
October 2012 Newsletter October 2012 Newsletter
Snow Removal, 2012 Rally Summary, New Business, Grants
September 2012 Newsletter September 2012 Newsletter
Tree Trimming, Lazelle Update, ABC Survey, Door to Door Sales, Fall Clean Up, Sturgis Rally Charities, Rubble Site
August 2012 Newsletter August 2012 Newsletter
Cannonball Race, Mustang Rally 2012,FourFront, Revitalization, 842nd Engineering Company, Rally Statistics, Rally Inspectors
July 2012 Newsletter July 2012 Newsletter
Motorcycle Rally, 2012 Street closures, Lazelle construction, USO, 20th birthday, air conditioning, fire hydrant
June 2012 Newsletter June 2012 Newsletter
Emergency Response, Fun and Fitness, Sturgis Nutrition Program, Vandalism, Fireworks
May 2012 Newsletter May 2012 Newsletter
Dusty Barker Award, Wild West Days, Building Inspections, Drinking Water Compliance, 811
April 2012 Newsletter April 2012 Newsletter
Ronald Waterland, Surcharges, Community Garden, Green Thumb Gala
March 2012 Newsletter March 2012 Newsletter
DOT, Lazelle Street, Election, Recycling, Community Garden
Februry 2012 Newsletter Februry 2012 Newsletter
New Harmonies, Mountain Pine Beetle, Ben Mumm, Community Garden, Council Goals, 2012 Election
January 2012 Newsletter January 2012 Newsletter
Elections, ESGR Award, Sturgis Water Department, Sturgis Business License
December 2011 Newsletter December 2011 Newsletter
Rally Charities, 2012 Council Goals, 2011 Outstanding Employee and Volunteer, Ambulance Receives Award, Toys for Tots, Heating Safety
November 2011 Newsletter November 2011 Newsletter
October 2011 Newsletter October 2011 Newsletter
2011 Rally Update, Flagpole dedication, christopher soelzer, sturgis ambulance service, library
September 2011 Newsletter September 2011 Newsletter
City Manager, Ainslie, Recycling, City Wide Clean Up, Projects
August 2011 Newsletter August 2011 Newsletter
Mustang Rally, Valades, Parks Department, Gerlach
July 2011 Newsletter July 2011 Newsletter
Lazelle Street Traffic, Travel Restrictions Rally, Sturgis City Manager, Rally Statistics, Rally Schedules
June 2011 Newsletter June 2011 Newsletter
City Manager, Johnston, Public Safety Day, July 4 Celebration
May 2011 Newsletter May 2011 Newsletter
2011 Events, Business License, Rally Traffic
April 2011 Newsletter April 2011 Newsletter
2011 Election, Erskine Building, Volksmarch
March 2011 Newsletter March 2011 Newsletter
Pavement Program, Potholes, City Wide Garage Sale, Spring Clean Up, Sturgis Mayor, City Elections, Sandra Brannan
February 2011 Newsletter February 2011 Newsletter
Property Taxes, Temporary Structures, Finance Department, Campaign Signs, Sturgis Liquor
January 2011 Newsletter January 2011 Newsletter
2010 Report, Council Updates, Street Department, Goodwill, Library News, Mayoral Race, Elections
December 2010 Newsletter December 2010 Newsletter
Grants fund equipment, Snow Route - Ticket & Tow, Rally Charities, Recycling Station, Recycling Fees
November 2010 Newsletter November 2010 Newsletter
Snow Removal Routes, Ordinance 2010-13 Amendment. Adam Martin, Sturgis Liquor Construction, Holiday Event Schedule, VIPS, E-Services
October 2010 Newsletter October 2010 Newsletter
Tax Rate for 2011, United Way Kick Off, Jankus Citizen Award, Sanitation, Snow Removal Reminders, Snow Shoveling Resource List, Harry Potter Exhibit
September 2010 Newsletter September 2010 Newsletter
2010 Projects, Kurtenbach SEDC President, Fire Prevention Month, Fall Clean Up, Recycling
August 2010 Newsletter August 2010 Newsletter
Rally Benefits, Mustang Rally, New Liquor Store, Library News, Public Works/Yard Waste Removal.
July 2010 Newsletter July 2010 Newsletter
Rally Edition, Rally Benefits, Economic Development, Travel Restrictions, Harley-Davidson Road Tour, Rally Statistics, Web Cams
June 2010 Newsletter June 2010 Newsletter
May 2010 Newsletter May 2010 Newsletter
Summer of Rallies, Lifeguard, Mosquito Control, Website, Code Enforcement.
April 2010 Newsletter April 2010 Newsletter
Sculpture Walk, New City Council, History of Economic Development, Public Works Grant, City Staffing, Leash Laws.
March 2010 Newsletter March 2010 Newsletter
Potholes, Lighting, Spring Clean Up, Park Shelters, City Wide Garage Sale
February 2010 Newsletter February 2010 Newsletter
Snow Removal Equipment Grant, Office Improvement Plan, Bldg. Inspection Renewal Process, Parking, City Council Election Info, Code Enforcement Program, GIS.
January 2010 Newsletter January 2010 Newsletter
Annual Report, ISO Ratings, Census 2010, Annexation Vote, Library Programs, City Council Petitions
December 2009 Newsletter December 2009 Newsletter
Annexation Referred to Vote, FAQ Annexation, Comm Center Upgrades, Tourism & Econ Dev Forum, 2009 Year in Review, Sly Hill Open.
November 2009 Newsletter November 2009 Newsletter
Bar-Sto, SEDC New President, Exit 32 Update, New Business, Hands On Art Festival, City Attorney, Holiday Events, Proposed Bypass.
October 2009 Newsletter October 2009 Newsletter
Sturgis Philanthropic Community, 2010 Tax Levies, Energy Savings, PD Bureau of Justice Grant, Snow Removal, NIXLE Communications.
September 2009 Newsletter September 2009 Newsletter
Sly Hill Repairs, Fall Clean Up, Murray Addn. Upgrades, Citizen Survey, H1N1, Storm Water Facts.
August 2009 Newsletter August 2009 Newsletter
Mustang Rally, New Welcome Signs, Town Hall Meeting, Sly Hill Construction, Exit 30 Work, School Safety.
July 2009 Newsletter July 2009 Newsletter
69th Rally, Temporary Street Closures, Severe Weather Warnings, Rally Statistics, Transporation Survey.
June 2009 Newsletter June 2009 Newsletter
Pocket Parks, Cavalry Days, Mosquitoe Control, MUB Availability Fees, 7th Street Crossing, Survey Results.
May 2009 Newsletter May 2009 Newsletter
Arbor Day, Iron Age International, Animal Shelter, Sly Hill Closure, Sturgis Sign Face Lift.
April 2009 Newsletter April 2009 Newsletter
Election Results, Annexation Process, DOT Cautions Drivers, Snowfall Record Set, Possible Flooding, Summer Employment.
March 2009 Newsletter March 2009 Newsletter
Upcoming Election, Community Survey, New Business, Fire Safety, 2010 Census, I-90 Construction, Flood Insurance, E-Scriber Services.
February 2009 Newsletter February 2009 Newsletter
Library - Friends, Property Taxes, Community Law Enforcement, Recycling, New City Website, Parking Ordinance.
January 2009 Newsletter January 2009 Newsletter
Annual Report to Citizens, Getting Fit, Snow Removal Tips, Upcoming Election, Travel 511.

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